Unique Advantages

A message about our unique advantages and how we protect you through everything we do.

Manage Caseloads Faster

One major advantage is when caseworkers can work faster, it has a dramatic effect on the bottom line of your agency. A typical ROI with FAMCare is 1-3 hours of savings / week per caseworker. The GVT team are big advocates of continuous and constant improvement and we’re constantly reviewing different tools and ways to make your processes happen faster. The caseload dashboard helps keep caseworkers in front of their data and their clients, so no one fall through the cracks.

Comply with HIPAA

Another advantage is that FAMCare takes data collection seriously and can help your team comply with today’s HIPAA standards. With a powerful security and audit-based foundation at its core, managing HIPAA has never been easier.

cost tracking and billing module

Simplify Billing

Another major advantage is our configurable billing module and tools.  For most agencies, billing can be complicated. Accurate billing and cost tracking is critical to running your agency. Different clients have different needs. Fee for Service, Census, Foster Care, mixed funding sources, grants, Medicaid 837/835, and other electronic submission or cost tracking services are all possible. FAMCare’s Cost Tracking & Billing Module can be configured to automate many functions so billing is faster, more accurate and consistent.

Use on Any Device

Mobile flexibility is another significant advantage allowing you access to FAMCare from your tablet or smart phone, as well.  Apple or Android, PC or MAC – it doesn’t matter. In fact – FAMCare will run on most browsers (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome). All you need is a secure Internet connection.

A PM at Your Side

One of our most special advantages is that we partner you with one of our project managers, right from the start. We’re in this business to help you be better. Providing you with a system is ½ the puzzle. Helping you solve problems by placing a project manager at your side right away – is the other half of the puzzle. We don’t care how big or small you are – you are not alone.

Custom to Your Needs

We realize your agency has unique needs and competitive advantages. We help you protect those by providing you with a platform that can be configured, scaled and tailored to your specific needs. We don’t ask you to settle or conform to a software system that can’t change. We make the software conform to you – so you can leverage FAMCare the right way to improve how you run your agency. For agencies that need more, it is the missing puzzle piece.

FAMCare custom solutions

Master Certification Course

If you’re interested in taking real ownership of your system – we can help train you to become a certified developer. Certified developers are able to help your agency add or change aspects of your system – without having to hire our team for more development.  The master certification is a huge advantage for agencies that want to control their overall investment. See More »

New Software Today / New Software Tomorrow

FAMCare is upgraded twice a year.  Upgrades typically include improvements to the platform, security advancements, and performance.  We also introduce new updates that include things like fixes, form enhancements, and new features and improvements to certain tools, every sixty days or so.  FAMCare consistently moves forward.  And we make the process easy.  Rest assured, what you purchase today will be just as new (if not better), 5 years from now.

FAMCare Innovation.

“The master certification training will be very beneficial to your organization in learning more about the FAMCare system and helping your agency improve workflow, decrease costs, and receive maximum benefit from the FAMCare product.”

– Travis Dillard, Medicaid Waiver Technology Coordinator, SARCOA