Mental Health Case Management Solutions

Sometimes working in mental health means protecting your clients from themselves. Sometimes it means protecting them from the world around them. Sometimes it’s both. In any case, your focus must be on their needs. So, who’s protecting you while you protect them. Who is watching your back and making sure you spend less time on your case work and more time on your cases?

When it comes to providing proven, reliable and affordable case management software, FAMCare is there to help you manage your information and workflow effectively and efficiently. We help clinicians with mental health software tools designed to help them manage and track a comprehensive list of data points critical to the overall outcome plan.

Mental Health Features:  Demo FAMCare

  • DSM 5 and ICD-10 Ready Therapy Notes
  • Intake, program/services, case notes, treatment plans, health assessments, ongoing reviews
  • Upload unlimited client files and documents
  • Robust, dynamic calendar and scheduling of appointments
  • Build custom forms and templates (with Pathways)
  • Rapid treatment plan creation – ability to continue long-term goals and note progress with one click
  • HIPAA compliant technology
  • Track participation and attendance in group sessions
  • Clinicians directly enter psychiatric evaluations and progress notes in real time
  • Administer diagnostic instruments within FAMCare, track long-term progress
  • Invoicing, Billing/Cost Tracking and electronic claims processing
  • Medicaid/Medicare billing/837 billing
  • Track Drug & Alcohol screenings
  • Order follow-up ADAD (Drug and Alcohol Dependence) Assessments
  • Enter AXIS Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Track medical status and change over time for each client
  • Enter and track prescriptions and refills – control access to these records based on security level


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