FAMCare Features

Case manager tested and proven functionality, there are many features of FAMCare available including tools and best practice templates to help keep your case management optimized, directly impacting your performance and client outcomes.

Best Practice Templates for Case Management

Features of FAMCare | best practice templates | streamline case work

  • Intake/engagement
  • Demographics & assessments
  • Referral management tools with decision making process and automation
  • Planning & prioritization of needs
  • Care plan & goals
  • Dynamic case notes (for individuals and groups)
  • Dynamic scheduling for clients and caseworkers
  • Program/service management
  • Monitoring & coordination
  • Group and individual case note review forms
  • GPS tracking for home visits
  • Outcomes evaluation
  • Termination & discharge
  • Document repository
  • Comprehensive treatment plan with ongoing review tools for periodic reviews
  • Form letter / templates creation tools
  • Client look up with filtering for referrals and clients
  • School and education tracking forms
  • Legal forms to capture and track court, probation, and other legal information
  • Medical information tracking
  • Family and client relationships auto-creation wizard
  • Various people and group management such as Volunteers, Donors, etc.,
  • Mobile functionality (IPad, tablet, smart phone)
  • Advanced security platform (role and group based access)
  • SMS/Texting Features
  • Group attendance tracking (such as meeting and classroom)
  • Secure, Cloud Hosted or On-Premise Installation availability

Advanced Features & Powerful Modules for Case Management

Additional Modules that Optimize Agency Effectiveness

Advanced Analytics and Reporting Tools

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