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How Does FAMCare Help Clients Who Offer Different Programs and Services?

The types of industries or clients we serve are vast in social services.  Instead of focusing the tool in one specific area of social services… we designed a platform, one that continues to protect clients who specialize in many different areas of social services.

FAMCare is an information and workflow platform designed for case management.  The system is built around industry standards for human services, but it is flexible and scale-able to be configured and/or tailored “specifically” for any agency (of any size) who wants to help their team improve how they collect good, solid data.

FAMCare has automated workflow built-in for many day-to-day functions such as scheduling, case reviews, progress notes, treatment or care plans, intake and referral to name just a few.  But, not unlike our ability to configure, customize and tailor your forms… your workflow can change based on your business rules.

FAMCare protects your agency on many levels. The system is not “locked-in” with functionality that can’t change.  FAMCare looks to help “any” client in any situation.  Our expertise team of social workers, project managers and developers will tailor your system to match YOUR programs and services.

The types of clients we serve, help and manage services for include:

A small selection of our clients include:

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