re-entry case management software

Re-Entry Case Management Solutions

When you are helping inmates go through the Re-Entry process, you need to be sure you have all the facts at your fingertips and can create the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. You want to make sure the Re-Entry prospect is protected from situations that might deliver them back into the system. And you want to make sure the community they are re-entering into is protected from someone who wasn’t ready for Re-Entry yet.  FAMCare’s re-entry case management software can help you manage this process.

FAMCare’s Re-Entry Case Management Software provides you with a state-of-the-art risk and needs assessment tool that enables you to give maximum protection to both sides of the equation and limit your risk of bad outcomes. It lets you focus on the needs of the inmate preparing to reenter society and develop a plan designed to deliver the best opportunity for a successful return to the community. This case management software makes it easy for your case managers to work from their plan and follow the best course to create a positive outcome for everyone.

FAMCare’s Re-Entry Case Management Software enables you to: Demo FAMCare

  • Review on-going data collected in real time
  • Prepare for pre-parole risk and needs board reviews
  • Perform risk assessments to determine level of supervision needed
  • Assess needs to align clients with the correct service providers for education, job seeking and housing
  • Assess needs for treatment plans
  • Collaborate with service providers to ensure clients receive what they need to create a positive outcome
  • Have easy access to all required forms and paperwork
  • Follow the progress of each client with on-going risk and plan assessments
  • Track case plan implementations and outcomes
  • Upgrade or modify your case management software easily and swiftly as needed