case management software for indigenous and tribal communities

Case Management Software for Tribal & Indigenous Communities

Proven, reliable software solutions for tribal social services.

When your mission is helping and serving children and families in your communities, you have a lot of pressing needs. Fast, efficient management of your information and data shouldn’t be one of them.

FAMCare automates, simplifies and streamlines data collection, case information management and service delivery.   And we provide your team with the training, information and backup needed to make sure everything runs smoothly, so you can spend your time helping those who need it the most.

FAMCare’s First Nation and Indigenous Communities solutions do more than simply track outcomes for you, it provides automation management tools, to help you determine the best course of care. And as the situations for those in your care change, the up-to-the-minute data within your system help you make informed decisions quickly.

Case Management Software for Indigenous & Tribal Communities:  Demo FAMCare

  • Client, Family and Household Identification
  • Child Welfare / CPS / Foster & Adoption
  • Assessment – determining a person’s current and potential strengths, weaknesses and needs
  • Planning – developing a specific, comprehensive, individualized treatment and service plan
  • Goal Setting – develop and track goal progress
  • Linkage – linking information needed to refer or transfer clients to necessary services and treatments; linking your data to informal support systems
  • Monitoring – conducting ongoing evaluation of client progress and needs
  • Client Advocacy – giving you the information you need to intercede on behalf of a specific client or class of clients to ensure they receive equity and appropriate services
  • Direct Service – provision of clinical services directly to the client
  • System Advocacy – intervening with organizations or larger systems of care in order to promote more effective, equitable and accountable services to a target client group
  • Resource Development – helping you in your attempts to create additional services or resources to address the needs of clients


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