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Senior Services Case Management / Long Term Care Solutions

As individuals grow older, they need more protection – from the environment, from medical issues, from those who would take advantage of them and even, sometimes, from themselves. Senior services case management is assessing the environmental and the social and medical services needed and up-to-the-minute information on how those needs may change.  It’s critical to be able to identify resources before a crisis occurs.

We understand this. Our senior services care management software is focused on long-term care and can help you identify and locate the most appropriate resources and services to best fit the needs of those in your care.  With the help of our long term care software, you can also determine when and where they should be placed, when that time comes.

As an adult services specialist, you not only provide the services needed to care for eligible elderly and adults with disabilities, but you also protect them by preventing or delaying premature or inappropriate institutionalization. Sorting through the many different eligibility requirements and procedures for each client can be tedious. On top of that, many other agencies and organizations have different programs and services that need to be accessed. It all can be very stressful and can take you away from the real work that needs to be done.

We can help streamline the process and simplify the steps for senior services case management.

FAMCare takes time-consuming and tedious processes and makes them simpler. Initial assessments such as geriatric mood scales, IADL’s and ADL’s, placements and care planning are essential data collection tools. Step one is taking all this and simplifying the workflow. Reporting is step two, where we give you powerful adhoc query tools to help you monitor, review and understand the information and then assess how your programs are performing.  Download a copy of our senior service case management data sheet.

Benefits for Long Term Care Facilities: Demo FAMCare

FAMCare’s long term care software solutions do more than simply track outcomes for you, it gives you senior care management tools, to help you determine the best course of care. And as the situations for those in your care change, the up-to-the-minute data within your senior care management software system, help you make informed decisions quickly.

Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of:

  • Caregivers can easily find information on which community services will be needed to enable their elderly or disabled clients to remain living in their home – helping to move the decision process along quickly
  • We will help you identify providers, set up services and offer changes when needed
  • You get quick and easy assessment of each individual’s environment, social, financial and medical needs at your fingertips
  • FAMCare can take on some of the administrative burden for you
    • Help with developing a care plan
    • Coordinating needed services
    • Acting as your client’s advocate with various agencies
    • Assisting with caregiver issues
  • A program that helps managing respite care
  • A dynamic calendar system you can leverage for home health aide visit tracking
  • Mobile-enabled in-home information recording via smart phone, tablet or iPad


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