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Veteran Services Case Management Solutions

FAMCare offers powerful veteran services case management software to help you manage your clients.  Those who have served, protecting our country, deserve all the best attention we can give them, to meet their needs and protect their physical, mental and financial well-being once they come home. When you’re delivering veterans services and managing their case, you want up-to-the-minute, real time data, fast processing, secure and reliable software solutions.

At Global Vision Technologies, we understand this. It’s why we’ve developed state of the art Veterans Services Case Management Software – a platform that does much of the work for you. So, you can spend more time helping your clients. FAMCare helps you create, assign and manage tasks and claims quickly and efficiently within our system. Also, you can auto generate needed VA forms and documents that meet all claim management, reporting and submission requirements.

Whether you’re helping them with health and wellness services, setting them up with employment and training, or helping with physical and psyco-social stabilization, our system will help you manage all of your veteran services faster, more efficiently and well within all government guidelines and regulations.

With FAMCare you can track intake and referral source, enroll a veteran into your program, set up a schedule, a set of goals and a service plan and track progress through a series of assessments and case notes.  All data is streamlined, correlated and made available through a series of focused reports to establish enrollment, participation, goal tracking, and all of your efforts.  Proof of success is just two clicks away for your funders.

Tools for Veteran Case Management Services: Demo FAMCare

  • Physical and social stablilization
  • Workforce and employment development tools
  • Resume building
  • Health and medical wellness
  • Food pantry/homeless management tools
  • Housing assessment
  • Self Sufficiency assessment
  • Emergency services
  • Temporary shelter/residential tracking
  • Goal setting/Service planning
  • Financial assessment and management


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