What is FAMCare?

In 1998, a consortium of child welfare agencies in Missouri were researching the market for web based, social services case management software. When their search turned up empty – they hired a firm to create it for them. A few months later in the spring of 1998, FAMCare was born.

20 years and 15 versions later, FAMCare is a leader for agencies who want to improve how they manage their data and outcomes for our society’s most vulnerable.  FAMCare is a social services software system that includes best practice data collection forms and workflow designed to optimize how a caseworker works with their clients each day.

How you leverage FAMCare human services software is up to you. The software can be configured and tailored to collect and track most things.

Case Management Software for Human and Social Services

FAMCare Guide

Out of the Box

With built-in configuration and set up tools, agencies are able to take FAMCare human services software “as is” and make simple adjustments to personalize data fields and their own programs and services. Everything is connected, reporting tools are in place and you only have to enter the information once.  The video tutorials help you get going, but you still have a dedicated PM to ask for help.

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Done 4 You

We can customize it for you! – Once configured, you are able to then assess your needs and see if your program requires more information to be successful. If that’s the case – our team can add new forms, create new workflow and modify existing elements at your request.  The bottom line – we can deliver a custom system that works specifically for your needs.

Do It Yourself

We can train you to be a certified implementer and developer in the FAMCare system and customize it yourself!  You also have us to lean on for some of the “heavier lifting”.  We will support you throughout!  The benefit of someone on your team being certified means that you can maintain and program in the system as needs require, without hiring us each time you need a change.

A PM at your side…

One of our unique advantages is that you are assigned a dedicated project manager for your project.  AND-  Your dedicated PM is really a social worker in disguise.  Many of our PM’s have come with a social worker background with a desire to help other agencies implement FAMCare.  They’ve walked in your shoes and understand your challenges.  They are here to make your system and your team, as productive as possible.

FAMCare Overview Video

A configurable case management platform designed by social workers and subject matter experts.

Take a tour and learn how FAMCare works and how it helps agencies transform case work and case management.

Key Features

  • Best practice templates & forms

  • Cloud-based or on-premise

  • Advanced, role-based security and workflow

  • Ability to personalize and customize

FAMCare can incorporate modules:

Cost Tracking & Billing  |  Pathways Form Builder and Event Workflow  |  Human Resources  |  Medication Management  |  Case Binder

Frequently Asked Questions

Interactive dashboards, powerful workflow, and our ability to help keep detailed, important information “always in view” helps our clients save time and money when managing their cases with FAMCare. See the ROI calculator to find out what your ROI could be with FAMCare.

FAMCare was built with your caseworkers in mind. We have success managers on our team who used to work for social service agencies. AS a matter of fact – many of our project managers are licensed social workers or MSW’s. They understand casework and know how to navigate FAMCare to help our clients use the system faster. Many of our clients are not “technical” at all and have been able to work within FAMCare right from the onset.

We offer custom project and training plans to support all of our clients – no matter their size. Our plans include web-based training and help, onsite training and certification training for those who would like to learn how to develop in their FAMCare system.

FAMCare has a document repository built in to help you manage agency-specific documentation and policies. IN addition – each client has a private space for you to upload multiple documents at once. File types can include – Word, PDF, audio, images and video.

FAMCare has over 50 pre-built reports at your disposal on day one. In addition – there are two query designer tools to help beginners and more advanced users pull data and create reports when you need them.

FAMCare has a dynamic calendar and scheduling system that works similar to your GMAIL or OUTLOOK calendar. Any appointment you set in FAMCare will automatically go out to your personal calendar. Appointments, triggers, alerts and notifications will show up on your dashboard to keep caseworkers focused on the day’s work.

First and foremost – FAMCare is not just software. It’s a platform! With FAMCare you get a series of best practice information forms that can be configured, changed and edited by you on the type of information you need to collect. If something that you need changed is beyond the scope of the configuration tools – our team can make the change for you! The system is not locked down. WE can make it do exactly and specifically what you need it to do to make you successful.

FAMCare has form building modules that help even the most non-technical person create your own assessments and data collection forms. If your forms are more complex – GVT can build them for you quickly. The cost to do so would be part of your budget.

One of the more powerful and multi-dimensional tools we have in FAMCare is our security module. With FAMCare – you can set security that is role-based, form based or group based. You have the power and flexibility to control what your users see when they log in. Security is easy to set up and maintain. We train you on how to do it.

FAMCare is your people repository. You can add them as constituents, third party providers, extended family members, other contacts, caregivers, foster parents and more. For families – the system has a “smart tool” called the Family Build Wizard. You can enter as many family members as you want all from one screen. As you set relationships, the system applies inverse relationships against others in the table. This makes family building very quick.

The FAMCare Proven Process

For FAMCare systems that we need to tailor or customize, we follow our proven process.