3 Ways NGOs Can Help Improve The Quality Of Life For Senior Citizens

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As we grow older, we need assistance with various tasks. However, many senior citizens don’t have caretakers they can rely on for their daily needs.

Approximately 54 million individuals in the US are sixty-five years or above. This shows that there’s a growing need for NGOs to amplify their services and cater to all the senior citizens in the country. Luckily, several NGOs in America have taken the responsibility for taking care of senior citizens.

Continue reading this blog to find out three different ways NGOs are helping senior citizens.

Providing Medicines

Did you know eighty percent of senior citizens have one or more chronic medical conditions? Senior citizens need to take their medicines regularly to maintain good health. Unfortunately, many old-age individuals don’t have caretakers who can bring them the required medicines.

NGOs can help by delivering the medicines on time. However, planning and executing the delivery on a large scale can be challenging. If you’re running an NGO, we’d recommend you start using social service software to enhance your workload efficiency.

Helping Senior Citizens Travel

Senior citizens find it difficult to commute long distances because of their deteriorating physical health that prevents them from driving. Many NGOs help senior citizens travel within the city by providing transportation. Whether it’s a trip to the doctor or a local park, NGOs can help senior citizens reach their destinations comfortably.

Revamping Their House

Many reputed NGOs like StandUp For Caregivers visit houses with old-age individuals and try their best to revamp them. From giving the house a fresh look with paints to decluttering their furniture, NGOs can help senior citizens in multiple ways. NGO volunteers can also assist senior citizens in installing accessibility features to enhance their lifestyles. Here are some popular accessibility features you can install:

  • LED-lights
  • Smart appliances that can be controlled from a smartphone
  • Rolling furniture

NGOs can connect senior citizens with reliable companies that can install these features. If you’ve got an NGO and want to kickstart your project, it’s time to get your hands on case management software.

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Top-Quality Social Service Software Available

Whether you’re running an NGO for senior citizens or for any other cause, you’ll need efficient digital software to manage your daily workload. Experts at FAMCare understand the challenges of setting up and running an NGO, and this is why we’ve developed top-of-the-line case management software for nonprofit organizations.

From managing daily case workload to your billing system, our social service software can solve most of your business problems. It can assist you in collecting data and help you comply with HIPAA standards by keeping your data secure.

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