4 Reasons Why Re-Entry Programs are Important

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That’s the reason why re-entry programs are important for our justice system to achieve its purpose of greater public security and help former prisoners to become productive and successful members of society.

Keep reading to learn the importance of re-entry case management programs.

Importance of Re-Entry Programs

When a person returns to society, their chances of being a productive member of society are determined by their ability to locate useful work, find accommodation, and obtain the skills and education required to grow in society.

An effective re-entry program facilitates people overcoming these hurdles while also collaborating with other local organizations to support its programs. Re-entry programs are intended to facilitate former prisoners in effectively “re-entering” society, saving money, increasing employment opportunities, lowering chances of re-offending, and enhancing the safety of the public.

1. Increased Employment Opportunities

Re-entry programs aim to lower obstacles to unemployment so that ex-convicted persons can find jobs once released.

2. Preventing Homelessness

A former prisoner can keep themselves from re-offending if they get a stable job and home with proper social services. Re-entry programs can help develop effective approaches that enhance outcomes for persons who utilize rehabilitative and homeless programs regularly, thus preventing homelessness and criminal activity.

3. Improving Health Concerns

From jails to society, there is frequently a lack of healthcare treatment. Re-entry programs can guarantee that the health reforms dramatically expand the availability of proper behavioral and medical health services to former prisoners.

4. Improved Public Safety

There is a most likely chance of re-offense when prisoners get released from jail. With proper social and healthcare services to former prisoners, chances of re-offending get reduced, which helps with economic savings and public safety.

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Case management is an important aspect of any inmate re-entry program’s effectiveness. Without the ability to monitor, record, and assess each person’s progress on societal re-entry, no program can be successful.

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