Most of us have the luxury of spending the holidays relaxing with our loved ones. But everyone’s not that lucky. Some are separated from their families; others don’t have a home to go back to.

And for many, the new year is probably not as exciting because they may have just lived through a dreadful one due to COVID-19.

And guess who’s there for all of these vulnerable souls on Christmas? — Selfless social workers, of course!

Do Social Workers Work Through Christmas And New Year?

It’s not like most social workers can’t take time off during Christmas—many of them do, in fact. But the nature of their work can make it very difficult for them to disassociate from a case, even temporarily, and be able to enjoy holidays with family and friends.

Moreover, some social workers that work in emergency duty teams may have to work on weekends and holidays. Which essentially makes them frontline workers who need to put others’ needs first for the sake of their profession.

How Can You Find Balance During the Holidays as A Social Worker?

It’s probably been a difficult year for you as a social worker, so it’s crucial to find a way to relax a bit during the holidays before 2022 arrives. This is especially because, with rising inflation and other humanitarian crises worldwide, social work is bound to get more challenging.

Here’s what you can try.

Take Some Time Off

If you can’t take time off for the entirety of the holidays, find a way to make time for a brunch, lunch, or dinner with family and friends—whatever you can manage. Even the smallest breaks spent with loved ones can reenergize you.

And if you do have a few days off from social work, actively try not to think about ongoing cases and focus on friends, family, and festivities. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about it either, because when you go back to work, you know you’ll put in your 100 percent.

Do What You Love

Holidays are largely associated with delicious food, and that’s one of the best things about them. But while home-cooked meals and wonderful and perfect for holidays, they can also be a chore for some. So during holidays, if you don’t feel like cooking—just order takeout and have a blast.

On the other hand, if you like cooking and find it relaxing, then cook up a storm by all means. Take the holidays as an opportunity to put yourself first for a change.

Keep Your Work Streamlined in General

One way to survive holidays and life as a social worker, in general, is to streamline and organize your work all year round. This would help you escape the burden of a larger caseload during the holidays since you’d be able to plan better.

You can achieve this by using intelligent social services software like FAMCare developed by our team at Global Vision Technologies.

As a case management software for nonprofits, it’ll allow you to keep caseload under control.

Get in touch with us to learn more.